Saturday, March 26, 2011

Silvia and Lilo made some more hats!

My hat "Pom Pom Pastella", to match my happening sweater "Pastella", both made by Lilo

Two hats by Silvia "Pastel Giggles" and "Twilight Tendrils"

Two hats by Silvia " Merry Magenta " and "Tree in the Meadow". Notice my fingernails match both hats!!

A hat by Lilo "Still Life"

A hat by Lilo "Pink Goblin" I LOVE this one!

Some green spring hats. The top row are all pinky hats, invented by Lilo.
"Sprightly Spring" by Lilo, "Spring Musing" by Silvia, " Daffodil Spring " by Lilo
Second row hats are by Silvia "Tree in the Meadow", "Irish Cottage with Sheep"

Me again, posing by the forsythia in "Pom Pom Pastella"

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