Thursday, October 23, 2008

7 Women, 7 Days

Hi kids and sibs and hubby and friends.
Below in 7 posts is my "7 Women, 7 Days" stitchings, accompanied by some poetry. Please feel free to comment, re-write, or criticize. I'm not the best writer, it's ouchies on my brain.

7 Women, 7 Days (Hilda)

Sunday night and Hilda dozes
Hubby didn't bring home roses
TV babbles on and on
"But darlin!!" says the TV man

Monday mornin Hilda's busy
Clean the room, wash the dishes
Mind the kids, launder shirts
Hoover the stairs, no more wishes

Invite the gals
Lets have some tea
Do needlework
Discuss the he

7 Women, 7 Days (Silvia)

Back home from the tea-klatch
On a balmy Monday night
Just a few more stitches
But there's not enough light

Lively swallows twitter abovely
Tuesday morning the day is lovely
for Silvia to putter
and birdies to flutter

Flip, draw, emotion
A couple hours freelance
kitties sail the ocean
tango is the bunny dance

7 Women, 7 Days (Kyoki)

Kyoki's on stage in Windows Club
a Tuesday night karaoke pub
tossing hair in pink
lookie guys! wink wink

Cherry blossoms swirl
through Wednesday morning's breeze
Her daily discipline
of karate and tai chi

She's an actress on TV
plays the weepy girl with a dream
"But darlin!!" says the co-star
"How could you" sobs tears in a stream

7 Women, 7 Days (Sharleen)

Midweek at nine o'clock
Sharleen and the girlfriends rock
Swingin their hips
Singin their hits

Up, dress, run for the bus
splash thru the puddles and rain
such a drag, so tedious
Snooze into town, it's a pain

She's not a rock star
But works in a shop
serving ice cream and coffee
Oooh bop, she bops

7 Women, 7 Days (Emmaline)

Emmaline, she met Renard
in the ice cream store
she took him to the graveyard
portrayed a vampire, or?

Friday morning sunrise
Emmaline flees
Sunrise on a pale skin
Hear the banshee

At home in a dark room
candles for light
teddy in embrace
she'll sleep until night

7 Women, 7 Days (Jacinta)

It's Friday night, what shall we do?
Jacinta's havin a spree
We'll twist, dance and boogie, yahoo!
at green lady's corrobboree

Passed out the next morning
The place is a wreck
Hilda's lost tamborine
There it is! What the heck?

Later on at the sci-lab
a victim on a cart
Jacinta disects him
There no blood in his heart

7 Women, 7 Days (Dierdre)

On a wild Saturday night
Dierdre has a new lust
And a guy who's quite
, isn't he just?

Radiant folk
They show up at the mass
Thanks for the hunk
Kneels the angelic lass

Spark, stir and inspire
She's painting his parts
It's her new desire
Her model or arts?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hotel Silvia

Hey Mom, George, Robby. Here is the hotel we will be at on the first and last night. Click on the picture for a larger view.